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LG Started Working On Smartphone Transforming Into a Tablet

LG Started Working On Smartphone Transforming Into a Tablet
LG has acquired a flat-handed mobile phone patent.
LG has applied a proprietary right (patent) to invent a Smartphone tablet. Patent pictures can be seen in that The Smartphone screen can be fold and the elastic screen is half past. Analysts have called it LG’s Foldable Phone. Although its application was filed in July 2017, its details have been recently published.

LG Has Shown Two Types of Inventions

LG has shown two types of inventions in his patent. One of them is a flexible display phone that is half-folded in paper-like folders. The second image has a phone called “hybrid tablet”. Hybrid is called a two-dimensional item.
LG Started Working On Smartphone Transforming Into a Tablet

LG is Now Moving towards a Foldable Phone

Analysts said seeing these patents in a hurry that there are two cameras on the phone’s back panel. When the folder is displayed, its next section displays the information and time and date. According to the meshable Web site, LG is now moving towards a foldable phone. This means an iPhone that can also become an iPad.
Likewise, like LG and other major companies, LG is now working on a folding phone. It is clear that Samsung is working on this phone call this year. Maybe it will be named Galaxy S.

Apple has also filed a Patent

Apple has also filed a patent in which a phone can be opened and closed like a book. Samsung is not only become the same company, which has to start devices with folder screens that can easily switch between phone and tablet modes. Apple believes it’s a development with LG to keep secret from Samsung. LG is currently working on its folding phone technology, shows new discovery.
In both designs, we can see the back and front camera.
Remember, this is just one patent, so there is no guarantee that LG will actually use this design in commercial products.

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