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Top 3 Secret Android Apps Not On the Playstore

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In this article, we will talk about SECRET ANDROID APPS which are not available on PlayStore. These apps are freely available on their original website. According to me, Every person should install these applications. Because these applications have a huge number of features that come free.
Here I am going to share only TOP 3 Hidden applications due to some security reasons. But I will share all the application soon with all of you. Now you might be thinking that

Why am I recommended these applications?

Well, honestly I am also using these applications. With my personal experience, I ensure you that you will get in love with these apps. Simply You need to understand the concept of making that type of apps. After reading this all, you might be excited to get more information about these applications. Sure I am here to share this with all of you. So let me start with introducing these apps.

Top 3 Secret Android Apps

Now I am going to reveal secret applications. These applications can be download easily at the end of this post.
1-AC MARKET  This application looks like GOOGLE PLAY STORE, but it is much different from that. From this store, you can download any game, Paid application and many other things completely free. Also, it supports DALTA UPDATE. You can download this app from here
2-SnapTube is a free downloading application. It works like VIDMATTE application. But this application support FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, and all other social medias to download videos. Also, this app can download videos in any format you want. Get the SNAPTUBE application from this link.
3-OG INSTA is an application to download videos and pictures from the Instagram account. As you all know, you can’t download images from Instagram but the help of this app now it’s come’s true. Not even pictures you can also download videos from any account which is shared on Instagram. You can get this application from this link.
These applications are original and can be used without any problem
For Better Understanding, please watch the video in URDU/HINDI. The video shared below is same as written above just you need to observe it, and you will better understand what am I trying to say?

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